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Multi medium artist. Estabilished since 1970 as a painter, sculptor and tattooist. Luiz has been working as a professional tattooist since he was 16 years old back in his home town of Sao Paulo, Brazil. Upon his arrival in america, about 20 years ago, he started to work at Tattoos By Lou, with Lou Sciberras, in which he worked for the next 5 years. In 1994 he received Miami New Time’s “Best Of Miami” as best tattoo Artist, marking his place in Miami’s tattoo scene. After Tattoos By Lou, he then opened his own shop in 1995. Luiz was the first Brazilian tattooer to be recognized internationally, attending many tattoo conventions and working in places such as Amsterdam, England, Japan, and New York, among others. His work ethic and reputation has been recognized by several publications throughout the world. Also his love for art and painting is shown in a variety of styles on many crafts, where his sense of experimentation and originality is widespread. In 2010, Luiz Segatto received Miami New Time’s “Best Of Miami” one more time.
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